Taking Action For Self Help

We all tend to worry. That is normal for a while, but if you worry too much, then you have a problem. How is that? Worrying too much can eat too much of your time in such a way there is no time to come up for solutions to help you with your problems. Living in your own head is the “easy way out” but it will only bring you misery and not the help you need.

So learn to take action. Taking action is not simply about thinking of having to change. It should be radical. It should be a decision fully made with full consciousness. Here are certain steps that can help you.

Make self-assessments. Before you can help yourself, you need to know “where” you think you are now. How far have you achieved your goals? What problems in the past are you still carrying? What unconscious conflicts might still be lingering in your soul? Ask trustworthy people to help you draw a “picture” of yourself as you are now.

Identify your problems. What is it about your life that you want to change? More importantly, what is it about you that you want to change? Are your work and personal life in a balance? Do you have time for reflection-for just being? Do you take the time to do and face your responsibilities?

Consider a lot of alternative actions to address your problem. Do not focus too much on one angle or perspective. Consider other points of view. Brainstorm with your friends. Seek professional help, if necessary.

Decide on something specific-a plan of action for some kind. Establish a timetable to work it all out. Adjust the timetable if necessary. Do not be discouraged if things do not go according to the plan. Just simply adapt to the changes.

Dedicate and persevere. You have to be devoted to your self-help plan. Read inspirational books. Listen to motivational tapes or CDs. Ask your friends to motivate you, or make new friends if you have to.

These are simple steps, but mind you, they are not as easy as they seem to be. These steps can guide you towards achieving your goals, but more importantly-so that you can be the person you want to be. So start small, begin there, have rests for a while, and go on working for your life. Persevere and you’ll have a truer, happier life.