School Stress – How to Overcome Exam Stress

Are you one of the victims of exam phobia? If yes, then read on the following tips to cope with the exam pressure and stop developing cold-feet when they are impending.

Make notes instead of studying from bulky text books: Always remember, the key factor to eliminate fear of exams is to get your syllabus prepared well, at least three months before the exams. Leave a couple of months to revise your entire syllabus. It is better to make handy notes and jotting down the summary of important text instead of studying from books right before your exams.

Enjoy light music: Take an hour or two to tune into your favorite songs. Music is known to have soothing impact over our mind and do a lot more good to rejuvenate you.

Go through the past questions papers: To make yourself confident and for self- evaluation. Just go through the past question papers of the exams that you are going to take up. This would put you at ease and make you quite comfortable.

Eat healthy and light: To remain attentive and to perform the best in exams always eat healthy and light stuff during the exams. This will help you to keep in right spirits and give you a feel-good factor.

Talk to your friend: There are many others like you would take the same exam. It is advisable to have a word or two with them. This might let you know the things which you do not know or have forgotten. Also, having a short conversation with your friend whether about exams or not would keep you motivated.

Stop revising at least an hour before exams: Leave aside your notes at least an hour or two before the exam. Reading at the eleventh hour builds up more pressure and if you do so chances are there that every thing gets muddled-up to leave you blank. It is better to have a perfect peace of mind at the last moment. Do not talk much and if you can meditate when your exam is about to begin then you can generate a positive energy which would land you in the safest zone.

To put the long and short of it, exam phobia is a common phenomenon if you have also experienced it and really want to get rid of it then a few simple strides in the right direction can make a world of difference for you!