Listen To the Self Development Guru (But Do Not Forget Who You Are)

If you are to act as some of the self help guru’s dictate, you (“moron”) should stop working for an organization (getting paid only so much per hour) and start your own business and “monetize your ideas;” a way in which you can earn “$10,000+ an hour.”

Of course you should try to go your own way as much as possible, but what many of these guru’s do not (want to) understand is that there is more on earth than owning a private business or having just a job. Besides this, not everybody wants to be independent and chooses to be a solo player.

Many people are satisfied with their ‘limited’ contribution to a larger organization. And why should they be wrong?

  • “The organizational support for the first manned landing on the moon has estimated as requiring the coordinated effort of some 435,000 people. This number includes, amongst others, engineers, businessmen, machinists, draftsmen, foremen, communication specialists, electricians, dieticians and mathematicians… the organization of such diverse skills is the task of … more than ten thousand private industrial firms.” (Sociology, Schrag, Larsen & Catton. The source is a bit out of date, but still accurate)

If you want to sell your own ideas for a price of tenth thousand dollar you still need the network and business contacts. What many entrepreneurs may have experienced is that the network they are part of is different when they were employed. This is especially true when you just start your own business.

Bottom line is that you have to determine your style first. Are you a solo-player like the guru’s who are seducing you with their private version of the truth, or are you happy being a part of an organization, even if it is not perfect.

© 2006 Hans Bool