Heart-Based Versus Deadline-Based Living

When my aged mother walks unaided through the halls of her care facility, she bends her body into a ‘C’ shape, puts her head down, and runs (well as fast as an 86-year-old can run). This is the way she has always gotten through life.

I must admit that my approach has been somewhat the same through much of my life (I guess she taught me well). This got me to thinking…are we spending our days the way we really want to or are we driven much of the time?

New research shows that we are becoming less left-brain dominated; that the right brain, with it’s intuitive centers, is gaining in prominence. Successful people have a good blend of the two. Listening to our intuition means living more from a heart connection than before, and less from a task or deadline orientation.

This doesn’t mean we dispense with goals or ignore our tasks. It means we balance the functionality of our days with the messages from our intuitive side. For example, a friend may spontaneously come to mind while we work, and we may pick up the phone or go to their office to connect for a few minutes. It’s a win-win as we have a change of pace from our work and a heart connection with our friend. Or on our lunch break we may eat, then walk for 15 minutes if we feel moved to do so. This way we get fresh air and our body feels happier sitting again.

A fellow healer, Bree, decided to delay sending out her scheduled newsletter for personal reasons. When I commended her on giving herself permission to step out of the ‘box’ of ‘shoulds’ she replied:

“I felt this strain around the whole process. I became acutely aware that I had changed my heart-based sharing into deadline-based stress”

Bree has no idea how much she has helped me. I’ve been pulling back a bit after weeks of driving myself. I now allow myself to miss the odd blog entry in my every-other-day schedule, and I took a bit of time off last week. But she hit the nail on the head for me, and drove home the message at just the right time!

I challenge you to ask yourself: “How do I spend my days? Do I take time to ‘smell the roses’ as my day unfolds, or is it ‘head down and run’ most of the time?.